"How Do You Beat the Heat?"

Happy June, Balance friends! If you've taken a recent peek at the weather forecast for Chattanooga, then you've seen that summer is truly about to begin here in the South. And if you're looking for creative ways to stay cool in the coming months, our KNO & GLOW staff have you covered!


Melanie Ferguson, co-owner

My favorite way to beat the heat is a day at the beach! There is always a gentle breeze and waving ocean to cool my feet. All I need is beach chair and a good book . . .




Denise Collins, co-owner

I grew up spending Sunday afternoons in the summer sitting under the shade tree at my grandparents' house, eating homegrown peaches and watermelon, my arms and legs covered with mosquito bites and sticky fruit juice. Add a water hose and sprinkler, and you've got the perfect recipe for beating the summer heat! 



Lindsay Calloway, instructor

My favorite way to beat the heat is to make the most of the natural beauty surrounding us around Chattanooga and jumping into pristine creeks and "blue holes" with my husband, dog, and friends. I love swimming directly under waterfalls and soaking up the sun!


Katherine Cantelou, instructor

I love to beat the heat with lemon water, a good book, and some AC!





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