When You Feel Like Dancing, What's Your Song?

Even on the gloomiest of days, there's nothing that raises the spirit quite like dancing! This month, we asked the instructors of our Me & My Grown Up Art and Yoga Series, “When you feel like dancing, what’s your song?” This is what they had to say.


Denise Collins, co-owner of Balance:

“ ‘Crocodile Rock’ by Elton John! I have such a fun memory of jumping on my bed and dancing with my friends to this song when I was in 5th grade. Turn it on, and you just can’t help but move. I’m dancing right now just thinking about it!"



Maury Carkeet:

“I love all kinds of music new and old, but for current dancing faves, I must say ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. Why? Because my little one loves them, and I can't help but get up and dance with her! I love how they are fun songs that speak to all ages!”


Noelle Coleman:

“I listen to the song ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison, because it is a carefree song and reminds me to celebrate my big brown eyes that shine the beauty within all of us.”




Balance Studios Kimerlen Moore.jpg

Kimerlen Spake Moore:

“I'm not really a dancer—more of a swayer, really. My six-year-old daughter and I have a special song we like to slow dance to: ‘Cruel and Beautiful World’ by Grouplove. We also have a song that's a little more upbeat that we dance to called ‘Whole Wide World’ by Mindy Gledhill.”

Balance Studios AnnaLouis Myers.jpg

AnnaLouise Myers:

“I love listening to music, but the tunes from south Louisiana really make me happy. Not sure I'd call it 'dancing,' but Zydeco, Cajun music, and New Orleans jazz make me want to stomp my feet, swing my arms, wiggle around, and sing out loud!”



Ellè Perkins:

“Since I am teaching the Me & My Grown Up class on Thursdays this summer, I have really been getting into some of my favorite animated movie soundtracks. At the top of the list are Curious George and Frozen.”




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