"What's Your Favorite Rainy Day Activity?"

Happy April, Balance friends! As the saying goes, “Sweet April showers do bring May flowers.” And when the rain starts falling, our upcoming summer camp staff has some wonderful ideas for enjoying the slower pace!

Take a look and get inspired!


Denise Collins, co-owner of Balance:

One of my favorite memories from childhood is playing in the rain. Rain was pouring like a waterfall off the roof of our neighbor's carport, and all the kids were running under it. The experience of being soaking wet in the rain was so out of the ordinary and will forever be in my memory. 


Melanie Ferguson, co-owner of Balance:

My favorite rainy day activity is cooking for my family.







Grace Ratchford, co-owner of Balance: 

My favorite rainy day activity depends on the time of year. If it's cold outside, then I like to grab my journal, watch a movie, read a book, clean my house, or take a much-needed nap. If it's warm outside, I like to sit on a porch and just enjoy it. I'm a big gardener, so rain in the spring, summer, and fall is my best friend. Usually after it rains, I take a look and admire my veggies and flowers. With a baby on the way, I can't wait until we get to put rain boots on and splash in the puddles (finally, I'll have a good excuse to act like a kid again!). 


Alli Dozet, art instructor: 

My favorite rainy day activity is enjoying a cup of peppermint tea, snuggled up with my little family (a ginger husband and a ginger dog) and a documentary film. I can't deny that I love to take breaks on occasion to jump in a puddle or two! 



Kat Cantelou, yoga instructor and camp counselor:

To color in one of my many, many coloring books






Lindsay Calloway, collaborative projects instructor & camp counselor:

My most favorite rainy day activity is to cozy up with a good book and a cup of hot tea. My favorite poet is Mary Oliver, and my favorite author is Tom Robbins.



Teresa Le, art instructor: 

My favorite rainy day activity is watching a “Say Yes to the Dress” marathon!

Mary Patterson, camp counselor:

If it isn't raining too hard, I love to sit on the porch and read! Listening to the rain is so relaxing. I also find that rainy days are great days to create! I love creating and trying new recipes in the kitchen. 




Nickie Russell, yoga instructor:

I love to just sit on my porch and listen to the rain fall or curl up on the couch watching a good movie—as long as a nice nap doesn't get in the way. 





Your turn, readers! How do you spend these drizzly spring days?