Spring: A New Perspective and Simple Craft Project

By Denise Collins

Artists have a unique way of seeing the world. In my classes, I explain this perspective as “using artist eyes.” 

At any given moment, we use our vision to identify objects: something we do without even realizing it. Our eyes give a brief scan, identify the object, and then move on to the next. 

But when we use “artist eyes,” we look beyond the object. We take a closer look and notice the color, texture, and patterns. Or we broaden our perspective and notice the larger composition.

This, of course, requires us to slow down, which is not easy in today’s world. But when we give ourselves permission to be in the moment, we are amazed at how much beauty is all around us! 

This month’s craft is inspired by the idea of “artist eyes” and the spirit of spring, when we watch the world come back to life. Share this project with your child(ren) and take a moment to enjoy a new perspective!

Craft Project: Viewfinder

1.    Find a piece of cardboard (a cereal box works well).

2.    Create a frame by cutting a 1” x 1” square out of the middle of the cardboard.

3.    Punch holes through the top corners and add string around the top to be used as a handle or neck strap. 

4.    Decorate as you wish (don't be afraid to get creative!). 

Using your viewfinder is easy. Simply hold it a foot or so away from your face to frame the view.

When you’re ready, go outside and start exploring! 

•    Play I Spy
•    Look up high, down low, close up, and far away. 
•    Try looking at something for a long time. The longer you look, the more you'll notice. 
•    Sit down with your child and draw what you saw. 



It's a beautiful world, and there’s so much to see! Happy spring from your friends at Balance!