What Do We Really Want to Give our Kids?

There was a day, not that terribly long ago, that a gift of oranges, tiny cakes, and a shiny coin would have sent a kid over the moon. At least that's the story I have in my head - the one I let my mind wander to as I step over piles of stuffed animals, plastic electronics, puzzles, dolls, blocks, bath toys, party favors, hair bows, Frozen paraphernalia, and did I mention stuffed animals? Ba-hum-bug. We have too much. WAY TOO MUCH. And, yet, the wish lists are written, amended, and added to frequently. The desire for stuff is never ending.

So, I'm asking myself, "What do I really want for my kids this coming year?" Do I really want them to have another stuffed animal, a remote control car, a laptop, a new doll? Absolutely not. Here's MY wish list for my kids:  growing friendships, confidence, and knowledge; love and nurturing of their unique selves; an appreciation and respect of nature; and a desire to help others. I'm sure there's more, but that's a good start.

Now, where can I buy that?

- Denise