Preschool artists: Curious, determined, and willing to take chances!

Preschoolers make the best art. Hands down. It's why Picasso spent his lifetime trying to paint like a child and why the art hanging in my house is all by artists under the age of 5. Preschoolers are amazing artists, and here's why - they're curious, determined, and willing to take chances. What a fantastic way to approach life!

Tuesday mornings at Balance are full of exploration and learning. And they're quite full of messy fun, as well. The only thing that fills me with more happiness than a child delighting in having his hands covered in paint is when a parent then reaches for her camera rather than a wet-wipe. Yes, let the children play! It is their work. And I can just feel their brain synapses booming away.

Oh, and just so you know, the morning never ends with a big mess. My little friends love to clean up, especially when it involves a spray bottle.

Until next Tuesday, may we all be a bit more curious, determined, and willing to take chances.

- Denise