The Balance Blueprint Checklist

Ready to advance to your next Balance Blueprint level? Below you will find what you need to know for each Blueprint level. On the final class day of each series, students can test for their next color. Students are able to test for one color each 6-weeks. The highest level Whirly Bird students can advance to is Blue. Some of the requirements will be tested as a group and some will be done individually. Testing is meant to demonstrate all that students have learned and is done in a very supportive environment. Also, please know that the Balance Blueprint program is optional.

Level 1: Red

I am ready.

I can sit quietly with my own thoughts and imagination. I use breathing techniques to help calm my mind and my body. I also know several yoga poses that help me strengthen my body and make it strong. 

Checklist for Earning a Red:
-  Sit through a 3 minute guided meditation
-  Share a time mediation has helped me
-  Perform and teach 3 poses

Balance blueprint chakra-orange.jpg

Level 2: Orange

I am focused.

I can keep my mind on my goal and not get distracted. I can move my body mindfully while linking my breath with each movement. I know standing poses, twisting poses, and Sun Salutation A.

Checklist for Orange Blueprint:
-  Perform and teach Sun Salutation A with linked breath
-  Explain what prana is
-  Explain what asanas are
-  Perform and teach 1 standing pose and 1 twisting pose

Balance blueprint chakra-yellow.jpg

Level 3: Yellow

I am determined.

I know my goals and acknowledge that I don't always reach them on my first try. I know poses that energize me and poses that calm me down. I utilize several of breathing techniques and Sun Salutation B.

Checklist for Yellow Blueprint:
-  Perform and teach Sun Salutation B with linked breath
-  Explain why it’s important to link your prana and your         asanas
-  Perform and teach 1 breathing technique
-  Perform and teach either 1 pose that cools you down or       1 pose that warms you up

Balance blueprint chakra-green.jpg

Level 4: Green

I am kind.

I treat myself and others with respect. I know three heart opening poses and can hold each for five breaths. I know three balancing poses and can hold each for three breaths.

Checklist for Green Blueprint:
-  Perform and teach 2 heart openers for 5 breaths each
-  Explain the benefits of heart openers
-  Perform and teach 2 balancing poses for 3 breaths

Level 5: Blue

I am patient.

I accept problems as they arise with self-control and steady perseverance. I can sit quietly and focus on my breath for five minutes. I know the warrior poses and can put them into a vinyasa with Sun Salutation A.

Checklist for Blue Blueprint:
-  Perform and teach Warrior 1, 2, & 3 and put them into a     vinyasa with a Sun Salutation
-  Sit quietly and focus on my breath for 5 minutes

Level 6: Purple

I am confident.

My uniqueness is my strength, and with hard work and determination, I can accomplish great things. I can led a 3-5 minute vinyasa flow and can guide my class through meditation and Savasana.

Checklist for Purple Blueprint:
-  Perform and teach a 3 minute vinyasa flow including Sun     Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, 1 warrior pose not                 included in Sun B, and 1 balancing pose (not a warrior       pose)
-  Guide my class through meditation and savasana

Level 7: Silver

I am balanced.

I know that helping others adds value to my life and asking for help is a strength not a weakness. I have created and completed a service project with the intent of sharing my talents with others in order to contribute to the growth of my community.

Checklist for Silver Blueprint:
-  Create and execute a community service project. This           project should be approved by Denise or Grace first.
-  Write a brief statement telling why you chose the project       and how it will help the community.