2016/2017 Balance Art Series

Pet Portraiture

Calling all animal lovers! It’s time to make room on the mantel for a portrait of your family pet. In this art series, students will draw, paint, collage, and print portraits of their favorite animals. They’ll experiment in a variety of styles from realism to surrealism and will finish the series with a colorful portfolio of work!

Draw Me A Story

This series is all about telling stories through illustrations. Students will learn a variety of bookbinding techniques and will then fill the pages with tales tall and true. With inspiration from famous illustrators, they’ll sketch, draw, and paint their way into worlds unknown.

I heART Chattanooga

Drawing inspiration from our amazing city, students will draw, paint, collage, and sew one-of-a-kind Chattanooga art. They’ll use local parks, buildings, landscapes, and sport teams as subjects and will create gallery-worthy works of art.

Painting with Science

Sizzle, fizzle, pop, KABOOM! In this colorful and messy series, students will experiment with watercolor resists, marbling, color mixing, pendulum painting and more. Experiments will become landscapes, portraits, animals, and abstract art. Learning has never been so fun!

Jewelry Making

Add a little bling to your life! In this series, students will create custom necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair accessories. Beads, wire, metal, and clay will be used as students learn a variety of jewelry making techniques including metal stamping, beading, and wire looping. Students will also paint a monogrammed jewelry box to contain all the glitter and jewels.