Balance Yoga Classes

Balance yoga classes are comprised of activities that are fun and upbeat as well as focused and relaxing with the goal of inspiring the following character traits: willingness, focus, determination, kindness, patience, confidence, and service. In each class children will practice poses, sequences, and yoga breathing in order to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and body-awareness. Our custom Balance Blueprint program helps children to monitor and track their progress in a non-competitive manner.

You can find our yoga classes at Southern Soul Yoga in North Chattanooga, Yoga East in East Brainerd, Modern Play in East Brainerd, and at various schools around Chattanooga. Our classes that are offered at yoga studios are listed below. Click HERE to find a list of classes offered at schools. 

Whirly Birds: PreK-2nd

Get ready to twirl, twist, and take flight! In Whirly Bird yoga, children will have a great time learning yoga basics through playful movement and games! Students will gain strength and flexibility and will learn breathing techniques to help calm their bodies and minds.

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00
November 29 - January 17
January 24 - February 28
March 7 - April 18
April 25 - May 30
at Southern Soul Yoga
register through their website under workshops

Wise Warriors: 3rd-5th

Becoming a warrior is a life-long practice involving physical and mental training. Our Wise Warrior series focuses on building strength, control, and awareness. Students will learn proper alignment for foundational poses, practice sun salutations, and explore a variety of relaxation techniques. Each series will focus on a social skill that will assist students in building self-confidence and awareness.

Currently our Wise Warrior classes are only offered at schools. 

SPARK: 6th-8th

SPARK is a class series that helps girls recognize their inner light and encourages them to let it shine. Through yoga, journaling, crafting, quiet reflections, and group discussion, the girls will learn tools that will help them navigate the tween and teen years with gratitude, positive thinking, and confidence. To help encourage generosity and a giving spirit, a percentage of the class cost will go towards sponsoring a sister class offered through a local non-profit.  

Sundays 5:30-7:00
March 11 - April 27
at Southern Soul Yoga
register through the SSY website under workshops


Wednesdays 6:30-8:00
February 7 - March 14
April 11- May 16
at Modern Play
register through the Modern Play website


Pricing & Attendance

Cost for Whirly Birds and Wise Warrior yoga studio classes is $75 per 6-weeks.
Cost for classes offered at schools is $60 per 6-weeks, unless otherwise noted.
Cost for SPARK classes is $125 per 6-week series.

Classes are offered in 6-week series. If your child would like to join mid-session,
please contact the yoga studio where the class is offered. 


Balance Blueprint Program

Our Balance Blueprint program allows children to track their progress and accomplishments in yoga. There are seven stages beginning with “I am ready,” and ending with “I am balanced.” Each stage is marked by a custom Balance Blueprint sticker that permanently adheres to yoga mats. Children who complete all stages are strong, thoughtful, patient, and confident. They are aware of their own strengths and abilities and ready to share these strengths with the world. Find out more about our Balance Blueprint program HERE.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellations of yoga studio classes are not based on school weather closings. We will email parents and post to our Facebook page if there is a need to cancel a class. There will be no refunds or make ups issued for yoga studio classes missed due to inclement weather closings.

Cancellations of school yoga classes will be based on each school's weather closings. We will email parents and post to our Facebook page if there is a need to cancel a class. We will do our very best to reschedule missed classes at schools due to inclement weather closings.

Balance reserves the right to cancel any series due to low registration.