Balance Studios was founded by teachers with the mission of increasing awareness
and confidence in children. 

We have worked to create an environment that echoes the wonderful communal spirit of Chattanooga, where families and friends gather, grow, play and learn together. 
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Class Schedule

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Book Club: Art & Yoga
9:30-12:00 • ages 3-6 
Me & My Grown-up Spanish Playgroup
1:30-2:30 • ages 2-5
Afterschool Book Club
3:30-5:30 • ages 5-10

Art: Me & My Grown-Up
10:30-11:30 • ages 2-4
Art Studio
4:00-5:00 • ages 8-12
Dance Yoga 
5:30-6:30 • ages 8-12

Yoga: Me & My Grown-Up 
10:30-11:30 • ages 1-3
Integrated Spanish and Art
10:30-12:00 • ages 5-12
Art Studio
4:15-5:15 • ages 4-8
5:15-6:15 • ages 4-8

Music and Movement
10:30-12:00 • ages 5-12
4:00-5:00 • ages 8-12
5:15-6:15 • ages 4-8

Book Club: Art & Yoga
9:30-12:00 • ages 3-6
Yoga: Me & My Grown-Up 
10:30-11:30 • ages 1-3
Kids Night Out
(1st and 3rd Fridays)
5:30pm-8:30pm • ages 4-12

Family Open Art Studio
10:00-11:00 • all ages
Family Yoga 
11:00-12:00 • all ages
Open Art Studio
1:00-2:30 • ages 2+


Art Classes

Our art classes focus on the wonder and magic of creating art. Balance students gain confidence and understanding as they explore materials, test ideas, and learn techniques.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes at Balance are fun-filled, creative and interactive. We focus on each student's individual interests to promote mental and physical strength and awareness.


What do art, yoga, gardening, cartography, calligraphy and super heroes have in common? Balance camps! We offer camps for ages 4-12 all summer and during winter holidays and school breaks. 


Create lasting memories with our unique and super fun childrens' parties blending art, yoga and laughter in Chattanooga's newest and most wondrous space for children.


Enlightening, interactive workshops that bring together expert artists, craftspeople and teachers are scheduled at various times through the year. 

About Us

We are teachers who strive to inspire and encourage learning through exploration. Learn more about us and our mission.


Our Studio

Balance is located in a landmark of North Chattanooga – a renovated Quonset hut with a custom-designed interior that provides a creative learning environment supporting our curriculum. The space features an art studio, yoga studio, clay studio, family room, party room and lots of fun surprises and activities :) 

What Do We Really Want to Give our Kids?

I'm asking myself, "What do I really want for my kids this coming year?" Do I really want them to have another stuffed animal, a remote control car, a laptop, a new doll? 

Preschool artists: Curious, determined, and willing to take chances!

Preschoolers are amazing artists, and here's why - they're curious, determined, and willing to take chances. What a fantastic way to approach life!

Why Kids Yoga?

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I teach kids yoga. I get responses like, “Kids do yoga?!” and “How do you get them to be still?” Bottom line: kids yoga is very different than “adult” yoga! 

Impromptu Puppet Show!

There was a puppet show at Balance today during Open Art Studio. It was 100% child-driven and 100% awesome!